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Mike Szymczak

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Mike grew up in a beautiful town in the Santa Ynez Valley where he was exposed to the wine industry at a very early age. By seventeen, he had already worked in two commercial wineries and was being mentored by the great Doug Margerum. He studied Business Administration in Santa Barbara, then transferred to UC Davis and graduated with a Bachelor's in Viticulture and Enology. Upon graduating, he was offered a position making wine under the famous Kathy Joseph of Fiddlehead Cellars. After three successful vintages in the "Wine Ghetto", Mike packed up and moved to San Diego to explore the untapped potential of the great growing region. In addition to producing many local wines, Mike also sources grapes from a few of his favorite vineyards in Santa Ynez Valley, Capay Valley and Willamette Valley, Oregon. 



Daniel Cordello

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Daniel is a founding partner of Subliminal Wines and has been in the restaurant industry for almost two decades.  Through his experience of fine dinning, he realized that a good meal could transform into an extraordinary dining experience and memorable event when paired with the right fine wine. So when the opportunity to own a wine company crossed his path, he jumped all in. 

With a degree in marketing and finance, he became involved with all aspects of Subliminal Wines. With the initial inception of the company, he met with winemaker Mike Szymczak and toured the vineyards, where only the best grapes would be used. He is actively involved with the grape harvests, wine production, and the various tasks of building the brand.  He went over endless ideas for labels before selecting the unique and beautiful design that would become the company logo. 

When Daniel isn't actively selling wine, he is building a multi-million dollar Realtor business in San Diego. He is a world traveler and added Subliminal Wines to his extensive portfolio because his real passion is not only to enjoy the finer things in life, but to share the experience with those around him. Basically, he likes to make people happy.  His clients become life long friends because of the integrity and zeal he puts into everything he does by always going above and beyond to exceed their expectations.



Kyle Stoulil

Kyle is Subliminal's National Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Hospitality, International Aid, Finance and Technology industries. He brings a wide-ranging of experience in sales, marketing, and management; proven leader, team player.

With a passion for life and lust for adventure, Kyle is just happy to be here making wine with good friends. His background is in food and beverage and Kyle is right at home enjoying a glass in the kitchen. Whether it's camping, surfing or hiking there's always something interesting around the next corner!